Our Vision

To become the leading provider of firefighting systems in the region, by:

  • 1- Meeting the expectations of our clients regarding to quality, prices and after-sale services.

  • 2 -Working as a team to deliver exceptional results to our clients; creating a work environment that is professionally challenging and personally rewarding.

  • 3 - Acting with integrity, honesty and respect to build long-standing relationships with each other, our clients and business partners.

Our Core Value

  • Teamwork : We trust and support each other; our greatest strength is our motivated team.

  • Client first :Deep and long-standing relationships. We listen, understand, anticipate and respond.

  • Integrity : Act with Ethics and honesty.

  • Excellence : Our constant pursuit .

  • Results oriented : Achieving the best results without compromising on quality.

Our Misssion

Saving lives and preventing property losses from adverse effects of fire, by providing the highest quality of firefighting systems and services.

General Manager’s Message

For a decade, fire fighting systems and fire alarm systems as well as public safety are considered very important means to protect properties and lives at the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. With parallel to the architectural, commercial and industrial growth at our beloved kingdom. And to keep up with the development in the industry of fire fighting equipment at the rest of the world there must be a representative for this development in Jordan. This representation put our country at the forefront of this field in comparison with near countries. It also preserves the local and the foreign investments and applies the national and international standards under the supervision of Jordanian Civil Defence Directorate.

To take all of the previous responsibilities, the late Engineer Naser Abd-Al Kreem Awwadeh established Naser Awwadeh Factory (NAF) in 1992. The establishment of the factory has depended on quality, excellent service and the availability of required equipment. It has been supported by engineering skills as well as experience taken from the international manufacturers who are represented by NAF in Jordan.
NAF provides various services including supplying automatic fire sprinkles with all the required equipment and devices, hose reel systems, clean agent and fire alarm systems. NAF is specialized in supplying black steel pipes according to the American and British standards as well as threaded, welded and grooved fittings. In addition, NAF is an exclusive distributor and agent for well- known British, American, European and Middle Eastern manufacturers.

At the present time, NAF includes a crew of competent employees at different engineering and design sections, at warehouses, sales and marketing in addition to the general management section who works tirelessly in order to guarantee superiority and excellence in offering advanced engineering solutions to protect properties and lives against losses. Through years of experience inherited from the father to his sons, NAF became a pioneer in the field of fire fighting. Furthermore, NAF is distinguished in providing installation and maintenance services for firefighting systems by employing a trained technical team equipped by modern tools to guarantee the efficiency of those systems when needed.

In addition, NAF excels at manufacturing hose reel cabinets in different sizes for different project demands, as well as providing appropriate equipment and devices in its warehouse to simplify execution of work at projects.

Finally, the continuation of offering fire-fighting services by NAF will not be possible without its high competence in different fields, material and technical aspects and its representation of the best international agencies. NAF works so hard to keep and develop this competence to be a pioneer through the adoption of multiple international practices in its two faces: technical and administrative.

NAF administration wishes to gain your satisfaction all the time and it would be an honour to have you in our special clients list. Lastly, we ask Allah for more success in order to serve our precious country under the reign of his majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein.